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Save up to $8000 in EI benefits


ATTENTION:  All Family Business Owners


If you have hired any member of your family including your spouse, children, parents, siblings (and in-laws)

Then give us a call this call could save you up to (per person)

$8,000 of EI Premiums for past years

$40,000 of EI Premiums for next 15 years

  You are eligible if:
  • Your company has been deducting EI for family members working for you.

  • The government accepts EI Premiums but often denying benefits to relative of the owners

  • We can help you recover EI Premiums for 3 prior years as well as current year. The process is complicated and tricky and if not properly filed, you may have to continue paying EI premiums and still not get any benefits.


Our Guarantee: No Refund No Fee

So you see, you have nothing to LOSE but everything to GAIN

This is a WIN WIN situation

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Last modified: 03/01/07